Outstanding Thermal Efficiency

About Outstanding Thermal Efficiency

The thermal efficiency of a refrigerated truck body directly relates to the construction techniques and materials used. At Johnson, we follow a five-point construction process that produces the industry's highest insulation value.

Johnson's five-point process to achieving outstanding thermal efficiency:

  • Seamless Exterior Fiberglass Panels
  • Johnson's excusive seamless ArcticTherm® interior sanitary liner
  • Johnson's exclusive pultruded polyester fiber strand thermal break
  • Void-free, 2.1-lb. foamed-in-place under pressure insulation
  • Triple Seal™ door gaskets

Independent Testing Proves Johnson Has Higher R-Value

Examples of Heat Transfer of side and rear walls between a Johnson fiberglass body and a traditional sheet and post aluminum body is shown by these thermal imaging photos. To demonstrate the amount of heat transfer, the interior temperature was 120°F for both bodies in the study with an ambient exterior temperature of 40°F. The brighter red and yellow areas in the photos reveal areas of higher heat transfer.