Seamless Fiberglass Construction

About Seamless Fiberglass Construction

Johnson pioneered the use of gel-coated, seamless fiberglass reinforced plastic panels in refrigerated truck body design. The process is identical to that used in today's fiberglass watercraft. The difference is Johnson's investment in, and use of large, flat molds to make the size fiberglass reinforced panels (side walls, roof, front and back) that combine to make a refrigerated truck body.

The molding process: Molds are first sprayed with gel coat to provide a tough, seamless exterior. The gel coat can be an impregnated white or customer specified color. Fiberglass is then applied on top of the gel quote in a variety of forms(sprayed chopped strand, matt and woven roving) and precisely saturated with urethane resin. Resin and chop guns are calibrated daily to provide a strong seamless 1/8 inch thick composite panel that is...

  • Aerodynamic
  • Rivet free. Impervious to moisture penetration that can lead to insulation deterioration.
  • 175 times more resistant to heat penetration than steel, and 850+ times more resistant than aluminum skin truck body.
  • Smooth and great for graphics.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Tough and puncture resistant.
  • Impervious to rust or corrosion
  • Easy to repair (unlike steel or aluminum)

Today, Johnson remains the sole manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced refrigerated truck bodies in North America.