About EMX Series Refrigerated Systems

The EMX Series uses cold plates and evaporator-blowers for exceptional air circulation and optimal temperature recovery after door openings. All models are designed for the Blizzard.


The EMX100 features free-hanging cold plates mounted on ceilings, or walls, and an active evaporator-blower. It is ideal for frozen temperature needs that require more capacity than the AE100 at zero degrees. 

EMX220 / EMX230

Johnson's plate/blower models feature a compartment on the interior front wall of the truck body that contains two or three eutectic plates, an active evaporator-blower and an automatic daily defrost cycle. These models are ideal for medium and frozen temperature needs.


The EMX300 is Johnson's highest capacity ElectriMax system and is the highest BTU capacity system available on the truck body market. It is designed for demanding routes and extreme climate conditions; it features free-hanging cold plates mounted on the ceiling and an active evaporator-blower.