Maintenance Tips

A properly maintained truck body or specialty trailer not only extends your equipment life, it is also an important safety measure. Fortunately, maintaining your composite equipment is easy to do and our useful tips will help explain how.

Select a category to view some general guidelines for the repair and routine maintenance of your refrigerated truck body.

Exterior cleaning:

To keep the exterior of your new fiberglass truck body in good condition, periodic preventative maintenance should be followed.

The body has a beautiful, natural glass finish and will stay this way if it is 
periodically washed with common strength soap and water (heavy doses of acetone or lacquer thinner should not be used.) High caustic soaps and solutions will cause premature color fade and panel surface deterioration.

It is all right to use a hot water pressure washer system for cleaning, however, to prevent premature deterioration of exterior finish; the water pressure against the surface of the panel should not be extreme. Mild to moderate amounts of pressure are sufficient to apply soap and remove surface dirt.

Finish protection:

For a good finish protection, we recommend applying a coat of wax one or two times a year. Waxing helps protect against every day elements and ultra violet rays, which cause surface deterioration and fading. Many automotive or fiberglass boat waxes can be used. Check the product label for recommended surfaces and application. We recommend a mild abrasive rubbing compound with wax that can be found through automobile parts suppliers.

Mounting bolts:

Front tie downs should be checked every 30 days. Adjust the turnbuckle with the channel locks in the proper direction until the tension is tight. Hand tightening is not adequate.

Rear tie downs should be checked every 90 days. Tighten from 70 to 80 ft/lbs.

Door hinges and locks:

If your equipment has outside rear corner hinges with grease zerks, grease them at the same time as the chassis.

For standard hinges/locks, spray them periodically with white Lithium grease.

Refrigeration cold plates (when applicable):

Defrost recommended when frost accumulation exceeds ½". (Defrost instructions are located on driver side front corner of the body.)